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We maintain a strict protocol to protect the confidentiality of all our Law Enforcement tracking devices.

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The STEALTH II GPS Tracker is the newest innovation in vehicle surveillance from CovertTrack©. Designed to meet the rigorous tracking and surveillance needs of government and law enforcement agencies, the Stealth II is a completely self-contained tracking device featuring: innovative covert casing, waterproof housing, 30-45 days of live tracking with rechargeable battery, an easy-to-use web-based tracking system, and many more world-class tracking features. Exclusively for law enforcement, the STEALTH II is undeniably the most cost-effective, covert tracking device available.


The MicroTracker II from CovertTrack© is a miniature GPS tracker with superior sensitivity designed for vehicle, and asset tracking. Its miniature size presents users with endless possibilities for concealment while featuring live tracking, locate NOW ability, and 3D motion sensing to save power when not in motion. With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, motion alert and many other advanced reporting features, the MicroTracker II is simply the smallest and most versatile tracker available.


1 Year Free Tracking Service w/ Purchase of Interceptor Tracking Kit $899
The Interceptor GPS Tracking Kit from CovertTrack© is a low-cost but effective GPS tracking kit designed for vehicle and asset tracking. The Interceptor features live tracking, superior sensitivity, high accuracy with 3D motion sensing. It supports geo-fence boundary crossing alert, low battery alert and other advanced features. The Interceptor combines a heavy duty magnetic base and rugged weatherproof casing for unlimited practical applications.


Bait Device GPS Trackers from CovertTrack© provide law enforcement with the ability to track assets using the latest innovations in GPS technology. The miniature GPS devices are well concealed within the bait products and can be equipped with optional Radio Frequency chips for precise locating. Bait devices from CovertTrack© are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, superior sensitivity, live tracking, locate NOW ability and 3D motion sensing. They feature alerts like Geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, motion detection and many other advanced reporting features. CovertTrack© BAIT devices are a necessity for any law enforcement tracking operation!


The HEAT from CovertTrack© is a high-tech, miniature, heat-sealed GPS tracker designed for custom law enforcement applications. The HEAT is ideal for vehicle and asset tracking, but is small enough to hide almost anywhere. Radio Frequency provides pinpoint tracking making the HEAT the most versatile custom tracker available.


The perfect solution for tracking Bait vehicles! The BAIT Tracker is a hardwired vehicle tracking device with advanced GPS tracking capabilities. Each unit comes equipped with a tracking kit and installation can be completed in minutes for each unit. The tracking kit includes a tracking device, GPS antenna, Cell Antenna, & Hardwire Cables. The BAIT Tracker can control 2 outputs (door locks, starter kill, etc.) & 1 Input (door entry or panic button). This device can send alerts if the power supply is cut or if the device crosses your geo-fence boundary settings.


The ToughTrack GPS Vehicle Tracker from CovertTrack© features cutting-edge location technology with superior tracking. Its 3-wire design makes it easy to install, while its small size creates the ideal solution for covert vehicle tracking. Built with a durable weather-resistant and dust proof casing, this fully-sealed unit is strong enough to survive any environment. With next-generation super-sensitive GPS technology and an internal back-up battery, ToughTrack ensures that you're tracking at all times.

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