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Asset tracking devices are designed to track the location of people, vehicles, equipment, or anything of value. Use GPS tracking to reduce the cost of doing business and safeguard your valuables from loss, theft or misuse.
Vehicle tracking ensures that vehicles are used properly and can be recovered in the event they are stolen. Our vehicle and fleet tracking devices continuously pick up vehicle coordinates in real time, relaying them to a web-based tracking site, viewable on any computer or mobile device.
Our law enforcement products are restricted to law enforcement and government agencies involved in technical surveillance operations. To gain access to our law enforcement tracking & surveillance equipment, please "Apply for an Account" at the top right.

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Experts in GPS Tracking

With CovertTrack Group, you're working with experts in GPS tracking. State, county and federal agencies, along with commercial clients across the United States, rely on our advanced equipment and services, making us a leader in GPS tracking and covert surveillance systems.

We offer state-of-the art tracking equipment, backed by a powerful custom server with cutting-edge tracking capabilities. Our GPS tracking devices provide accurate, sub-minute tracking information to any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

GPS Tracking Sub-Minute Updates and Aerial Views

Our cutting-edge gps tracking equipment is known for keeping you up-to-date, at all times. With sub-minute tracking intervals, you'll have the best GPS tracking devices backed by a powerful and secure back-end server.

GPS coordinates are combined with road map and satellite imagery to provide a complete and immediate picture of the surrounding area.

The Server Behind our GPS Tracking Devices

It's our powerful, custom back-end server that gives your GPS tracker the edge.

Our secure server receives coordinates from your GPS tracking devices and displays real-time data on an aerial map. You'll see the exact location of your GPS tracking device. It not only provides longitude and latitude, but street addresses too.

And it's not just a location. It's a real-time view of your asset's movements. Your GPS tracker will report its current speed and heading, so you'll know how fast your asset is traveling and where it is going. Our server also maintains reports of your GPS tracker's location and speed, providing you with a full history of where your asset has been.

You'll have access to server reports of various data sets, including stop times and addresses visited. We give you the complete picture of what your asset is doing, and what it has done.

The communication between your GPS trackers and our server is seamless. You'll even know the battery conditions of your tracking devices.

Law Enforcement GPS Tracking Devices: Track Longer, Track Better, Spend Less

Law enforcement agencies across the country rely on CovertTrack Group for today's most advanced GPS tracking solutions and police surveillance equipment.

CovertTrack is a web-based aerial GPS tracking center. It is the mastermind behind your GPS trackers and surveillance equipment. Not only is it incredibly powerful, it is also user-intuitive. It doesn't require any training courses that could slow down your operations. There's no software to download or thick instruction manuals to read. CovertTrack GPS tracking provides quick, essential data to empower your law enforcement team.

CovertTrack Group combines the most advanced Law Enforcement covert surveillance equipment with a multi-faceted tracking site to provide law enforcement with the upper hand. From using GPS trackers to follow and confirm a suspect's illegal activities, to tracking stolen assets, CovertTrack is helping solve cases nationwide, ensuring the safety of civilians and law enforcement agents.

Known for its extensive GPS tracking capabilities, CovertTrack provides you with data other providers don't, including the unique "Locate Now" feature. This feature enables you to locate your GPS tracking device even in the absence of a clear GPS signal.

Law enforcement agencies have come to rely on our GPS tracking products and services because they track longer, out-perform and cost less than other systems. We're so confident CovertTrack will become an essential tool to your law enforcement efforts that we offer free demos.

Our Law Enforcement surveillance products and supporting technology is protected. We take measures to ensure this invaluable resource to law enforcement agencies isn't compromised. That's why we don't display any of our Law Enforcement covert tracking and surveillance equipment on our website for public view. Information on these devices is strictly restricted to law enforcement agencies only.

CovertTrack Stealth GPS tracker technology is exclusively manufactured in the U.S. A. by CovertTrack Group. CovertTrack Stealth GPS Tracker technologies include the Stealth I, Stealth II, and Stealth III GPS trackers. CovertTrack Stealth trackers are designed for law enforcement and government agencies for use in technical surveillance operations.

Asset and Vehicle GPS Tracking and Surveillance: Keeping You In-the-Know

If you have important cargo or specialized fleet equipment that needs to be tracked, we have the GPS tracking products that are designed for you. You'll know the exact location of your assets or vehicles at all times, thanks to our state-of-the-art GPS trackers.

Companies that need to know the exact location of their assets have come to rely on our advanced GPS tracking devices. Uniquely designed to operate within shipping containers, these GPS trackers work both indoors and out. With our GPS tracking equipment available in both GSM and CDMA versions, you'll have the perfect solution for your individual needs.

And with special features, including speed, park times, address reports, and ignition kill, you'll be in control of your fleet. Available in both battery and hard wire options, our GPS trackers are designed for monitoring vehicles in real time.

If you're not sure which GPS tracker is best for you, contact us. Our GPS tracking experts can assist you with choosing the best devices based on your specific application. We'll provide you with a free estimate.

Not only do we provide the most advanced GPS trackers to you, but our aerial tracking site brings real-time tracking with state-of-the-art features right to your computer or any internet enabled device. As a web-based application, you won't need to download any software. And with unique features like our "Locate Now" ability, you'll always know the exact location of your equipment or cargo.

Companies like yours have come to trust us because of our advanced program GPS tracking devices, user-friendly tracking center, personal attention and cost-effective systems. These are all backed by our exceptional tech-support team. Now you can take advantage of GPS technology like never before.

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